“Tools, Totems, Traps”

May 11th though June 16th

Jessica Gaddis

Alessandro Keegan

Caitlin MacQueen

Joshua Marsh

Yuri Masnyj

Carter Spurrier

In The Garden of Forking Paths

February 9th through March 24th, 2019

Brigida Caramagna

Colin Hunt

Karsten Krejcarek

Wind-Scoured Scribes

curated by Kari Adelaide

December 1st - February 2nd, 2019

Afruz Amighi

Hannah Barrett

Jesse Bransford

Francesca DiMattio

Rico Gatson

Dan Herschlein

Max Razdow

Amber Renaye

Laurel Sparks

In The Rabbit Hole

October 27th - November 24th, 2018

Benjamin Degen

Kirsten Deirup

Hope Gangloff

Mark Thomas Gibson

Julie Garfield

Branden Koch

Guadalupe Maravilla

Caitlin MacQueen

Paola Oxoa

Guy Richards Smit

Michael St. John 

Between The Acts

September 8th - October 20th, 2018

Delphine Hennelly

Sophie Larrimore

Ken Tisa

Good Vibrations

July 14th - August 18th, 2018

Paolo Arao

Angela Heisch

Ryan Reggiani

The Cruellest Month

April 14th - June 30th, 2018